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Adventures of the Sea Hound

The Adventures of the Sea Hound was a juvenile adventure series broadcast from 1942 to 1951. Ken Daigneau and later Barry Thomson starred as Captain Silver of the ship Sea Hound. Bobby Hasting played the Captain's shipmate Jerry, Janice Gilbert as Carol Anderson, Alan Devitt as Kukai, and Walter Vaughn as Tex.

Show Name Date Aired
The Envelope February 23, 1941
Trapped Below September 11, 1942
Alf Taken Back to Ship February 1, 1944
The Escape October 12, 1944
Phantom Raider Captured October 5, 1944
The Traitors Trouble with Indians August 16, 1944
Phantom Raider Escape March 9, 1944
Contacting the Sprayhound January 28, 1944
Wrestling Match Over January 25, 1944
The Rescue Of Balou September 2, 1946
The God Of Vengeance August 26, 1948

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